Day Protection Cream


Gives skin a radiant glow that attracts all eyes. This 3-in-1 product replaces moisturizer, rejuvenating cream & sunscreen while helping to conceal imperfections with a sweat- and sebum-resistant formula. White hyacinth extract, precious black tourmaline along with exclusive formula APT-200 bring a perfect glow to the skin to help provide moisture, correct skin pigmentation, minimize pores and improve skin tone. make skin radiant; Ferulic Acid protects cells against external and internal stressors, and aids in skin repair, strengthens blood vessels, and reduces DNA oxidative damage, a leading cause of skin aging. Swiss Apple helps combat loss of elasticity and firmness by inhibiting Elastase and protecting the elastic network. Lentil and watermelon extracts provide instant moisture and protection throughout the day. Red seaweed extract helps increase skin’s natural moisturizing ability. Green algae extract boosts collagen and elastin production. Algae extract provides natural protection to the skin from UVA/UVB rays. Propolis extract helps the skin with anti-oxidation, anti-infection, detoxification, wound healing and acne prevention. Tomato extract helps to whiten and deeply moisturize the skin. Hydrolyzed collagen helps prevent wrinkles, lifts sagging muscle layers to help firm and healthy skin.

Packaging: 35 ml

DP: 49


Main ingredients
Black tourmaline stone, white hyacinth flower, Swiss apple, lentil, tomato, watermelon, seaweed, propolis, hydrolyzed collagen…

How to use
Clean the face, apply an appropriate amount on the skin areas of the face and gently pat the nutrients into the skin and spread evenly over the skin surface from the center to the outside.


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