Phyto Toner


Lotion essence helps to tighten pores, enhance skin’s ability to recover and regenerate, leaving skin even, radiant and providing intense moisture better than ever. This product also acts as a derivative for more effective after-care steps. With mistletoe extract, white willow bark helps to deep clean pores, anti-irritant and anti-aging. Chamomile helps fight inflammation, heal wounds, reduce acne and soothe and reduce irritation on the skin. Extracts of papaya, licorice, … and hydrolyzed collagen help promote new skin cell regeneration, replenish moisture and smooth skin, enhance natural hyaluronic acid production with the ability to prevent wrinkles and fine lines for radiant skin.

Packaging: 100 ml

DP: 28


Main ingredients
Mistletoe, white willow bark, papaya, hydrolyzed collagen, chrysanthemum, licorice, papaya…

How to use
Wet a cotton pad, apply to the skin and then wipe gently in the direction from inside to outside, from bottom to top to avoid sagging skin and appearance of wrinkles. You can apply a cotton mask to remove makeup to increase the effect. Use 2 times/day.

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