Peptide Serum


Skin cell rejuvenation from the molecular level. Boosts cell repair, provides superior hydration and protects skin against pollutants that can cause stress, oxidation, inflammation, cytotoxicity and mitochondria leading to premature aging, weight loss by the lipid barrier and skin sensitivity. Restores firmness, smoothness and natural elasticity to the skin. Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fills in deep wrinkles. Matrixyl stimulates matrix molecules in the skin, especially collagen and fibronectin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Phylderm Vegetal C2 provides two levels of biostimulant activity to restart vital cellular function, helping the skin to actively defend itself against fatigue, stress and aging. The product helps “reprogram your skin” to provide deep moisture and soften the skin. Niancinamide extracted from avocado helps to whiten skin, treat dark spots, increase resistance and help skin fight free radical damage (aging) and provide vitamins to the skin. Supplement collagen and elastin thanks to growth hormones from stem cells.

Packaging: 35 ml




Dways International owns a breakthrough, multi-effect formula that not only has an “anti-aging” effect on the skin, nourishes the youthful skin but also provides essential vitamins and minerals for the skin and body.

Stem cell, telomere-assisted, DNA repair technology helps support the natural restoring function of the circadian clocks in each cell.

Self-healing formula: Stimulates cell activity, fights the effects of aging, heals rough skin and treats damage caused by UV rays, dust and pollution. Balancing the amount of oil and water in the skin makes the skin young, healthy and can be applied to different skin types.

Hydrolyzed collagen penetrates better than 90% & is only 1/6 of the size of normal collagen, helps to absorb 100% into the body, promoting skin rejuvenation after only a short time; Promotes the process of recovery, regeneration, anti-wrinkle, helps maintain smoothness and increases elasticity, making the skin firm and radiant, healthy.

Neutralizes up to 90% of environmental free radicals before they damage the skin and its DNA, so there is less damage that needs to be repaired. In addition, it helps to lock in moisture in the skin and create the optimal environment for recovery.

Restores skin’s natural radiance.

Main ingredients
Cocoa beans, avocado, cordyceps, Ganoderma lucidum, red orange, seaweed essence, ….

How to use
Clean the face, apply an appropriate amount on the skin areas of the face and gently pat the nutrients into the skin and spread evenly over the skin surface from the center to the outside.