Puri5 is a Synbiotic blend, including prebiotics and probiotics essential for gut health. It promotes the growth of essential gut-friendly beneficial bacteria and helps in intestinal detoxification, flushing toxins out of the intestines, liver, kidneys and the whole body. It also promotes the absorption of other essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the body. Supports healthy cholesterol levels. Supports healthy blood sugar levels. Helps reduce carbohydrates and sugar in the body, inhibit fat production, reduce visceral fat. Boosts metabolism & support weight loss.

Packaging: 10g x20 sachets/ box

DP: 85


Swiss apples
Improve digestive health and help fight Colitis, High Cholesterol, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and colon cancer.

Wheat germ & asparagus
Help strengthen resistance, prevent constipation, synthesize vitamin D to make bones stronger and stronger.

Psyllium husk extract (Northwest India)
Helps laxative, balance the digestive system, reduce visceral fat, lose weight and fight colon cancer.

helps improve digestive health and control diabetes; Antioxidants protect cells and tissues from the ravages of free radicals.

B. longum
Helps strengthen the body’s defenses against bad bacteria, harmful pathogens. Control the pH in the intestine, improve the digestive tract, promote metabolism.,and improve liver and kidney function.

B. infantis
Is the leading probiotic because it is highly acidic. Support the balance of intestinal microflora, reduce the symptoms of digestive disorders.

L. gasseri
Helps to increase vaginal health, inhibit fat production, speed up metabolism and protect the body against obesity.

L. reuteri
Is the king of beneficial bacteria that improves the intestinal microflora, limits digestive disorders caused by bacteria, strengthens the immune system, fights off harmful infections and repels inflammation.

L. rhamnosus resists stomach acid and bile, stimulates other beneficial bacteria to grow, thereby, helping the intestinal microflora balance and healthy. Helps improve the immune health of infants.

Magnesium malate 
Extracted in wine helps promote efficient metabolism

Main ingredients : Apple pectin, Inulin, L Arabinose, Psyllium Husk, B Longum, B Infantis, L Gasseri, L reuteri, L rhamnosus, magie malate…
How to use: Mix 1 sachet with 50 ml or 100 ml of water and enjoy. Best used one hour before bed (at night). Maximum 2 packs/day. Avoid mixing with hot water.Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct light


A lady needs 1800 calories per day. So if she takes our Dways products and take more than 1800 calories she won’t loose weight. If she takes a calorie cut, 1,300 calories and our product will make her loose calories real fast. Because our product activate sirtuin1 and UCP genes. This accelerate metabolism and help loose weight effective.


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