Dr. Giampapa’s personal tips for cell health

We all want our cells to age well. It’s easy math: Healthy cells = longer life.

Dr. Vincent Giampapa, a board-certified physician, Nobel Prize nominee has dedicated his career to the study and practice of preventative medicine.

Through his research, Dr. Giampapa has pinpointed four things that can have a BIG impact on how our cells age now and in the future.


Tip 1: Food – quantity and quality
The first tip for optimum cell health is about proper food quantity and quality. You are what you eat, right? First, let’s talk quantity. In the modern age, most of us always have a smartphone with us. Essentially, it’s a palm computer that can determine how much food we should eat at each meal. Don’t have your phone with you? Good thing your hands are always “handy.” Put your hands together. Dr. Giampapa notes the amount of food that fits in our two palms is a great measure of how much food we should eat at each meal.

Now, let’s move on to quality. Dr. Giampapa recommends that our food at each meal be divided into three equal parts: protein, carbohydrates and fats.

Protein is our primary source of fuel and the most important thing we should be eating. Next is carbohydrates, which should come mainly from fruits and vegetables. And finally, fats. Most of the fats we ingest should come from cold-water fish, seeds, nuts and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). According to Dr. Giampapa, when we eat the right quantity of the right foods, we keep our hormones and blood sugar at optimal levels. Fewer cravings means less snacking!

Tip 2: Exercise – timing, type & duration
The second tip for optimum cell health is: Be sure to exercise. While it’s probably not a surprise exercise is important, keep in mind the timing, type and duration of exercise makes a big difference.

Timing really matters, and the best time to start exercising is first thing in the morning. A quick 10- to 15-minute walk sets our calorie burn rate higher for the whole day. According to Dr. Giampapa, no matter what we’re eating, exercise helps us more quickly metabolize food. In the evening, doing some push-ups or very light weight work helps reset our cell cycles.

Type of exercise is another key thing we need to focus on, especially as we age. Here are the three types of exercise Dr. Giampapa advises we implement in our daily routine:

  • Aerobic exercise can help keep the heart in good shape and the vascular system clean and responsive to blood pressure.
  • Resistive exercise (weightlifting or yoga) helps keep the cardiovascular system in optimal shape, our muscles toned and bone density strong.
  • Flexibility exercises help with our balance, our movement throughout the day and our ability to avoid injuries as we grow older.

Duration of exercise is a whole new thing once you’re older than 40. Dr. Giampapa says working out for a minute and then resting for two minutes trains both the heart’s ability to pump more blood and its ability to recover. This new approach to exercise has shown to be more beneficial than constantly running on a treadmill. (Translation: Take a breather here and there.)

Tip 3: Manage stress
The third tip for optimum cell health is managing stress. To help us when we don’t manage stress and our bodies produce elevated cortisol, the age-accelerating hormone, Dr. Giampapa suggests: “The best advice I can give anybody, especially in today’s fast-paced world, is to slow down, be in the moment and break the constant sense of time urgency.” He proposes three steps for instant destressing:

  1. Take 4-5 deep breaths (Break the constant flow of thoughts)
  2. Mediate (Clear your mind)
  3. Smile (Change your hormone and stress levels immediately)

Power of belief can also have an impact on our outlook, and a healthy outlook can be regarded as pretty important. Regarding improved cell health, Dr. Giampapa recommends a phrase that, repeated over time, could help retrain our thoughts.

Tip 4: Good Supplements

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Wherever you are in your healthful journey, it’s never too late to make small daily changes that will help impact how your cells age – now and in the future.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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